Unique Walks Through Bergen

Stroll along the streets of Norway's prettiest city

  • 6 euro
  • Online Session

Tour Description

Do you want to learn about the history of Norway and the local way of life? You should definitely venture traveling beyond Oslo! Bergen, Norway’s second-biggest city and once the country’s capital, offers a perfect blend of historical sites, authentic Norwegian culture, and closeness to the fabulous Norwegian nature. Join us on this virtual tour and discover one of the most impressive and important Norwegian cities. Our guide will start this tour from the city center, where you will immediately notice a number of beautifully adorned, colorful houses standing next to each other. Bryggen is one of the most famous touristic and historic sites in the country, a place that demonstrates the power and significance of trade guilds in the past. The guide will narrate you about how the Hanseatic League, a powerful trade guild, had appeared in the city and how it transformed it. Our local guide will lead you through the city’s narrow cobblestone alleys, filled with neat, colorful houses. Small, cozy cafés and trendy boutiques create a special, laid-back atmosphere, in which you want to relish over and over. This virtual tour offers you a chance to discover this fantastic city and learn that not only the famous nearby fjords are worth seeing, but such a prominent city like Bergen as well.

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