Explore the Viking Valley in Gudvangen

Learn about Nordic warriors in the Viking Village reenactment

  • 1 hour
  • 199 euro
  • Online Session

Tour Description

Discover the lifestyle and customs of the Norse people in a small Viking village of Njardarheimr, located in the vicinity of Gudvangen. The creators of this village attempted to re-create the way of life of the Vikings in a way it was 1,000 years ago and dedicated a lot of time to polishing every single detail of their daily life. This virtual experience is an amazing chance to learn about the professions and industriousness of the Vikings, their weapons and armory, their way of living and beliefs. Njardarheimr is a village in which some residents live constantly, basically with little-to-none connection to the rest of the world. Situated between the gorgeous, intimidating mountains and a fjord, the Viking Valley is a place you are not able to find elsewhere. But its landscapes could seem familiar to you – picturesque views and stunning waterfalls of this area have been featured in famous movies and TV series, such as the Game of Thrones. But it’s not the Valley’s prominence thanks to the TV industry you should be focusing on, but the as-authentic-as-possible way of living of the Viking Valley’s residents. The locals have jobs in the workshops, they regularly go fishing and keep chickens and sheep for eggs, meat and wool. The entire area of this village is a Klondike for people interested in the history of Nordic people – more than 1,500 buildings of Njardarheimr were built according to the carvings from the Viking Age findings. Our guide will narrate all details of the Vikings’ lives in a friendly and funny way and disperse the myths about the Nordic people you often see on TV. Get rid of misconceptions about the legendary Nordic warriors and explore which weaponry they used, which countries and territories they raided and their actual reasons of doing so, and learn about their real impact on the European civilization. Witness the worlds of the Vikings with your own eyes instead of heading to another historical museum once again.

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