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Explore Haifa's German Colony

Marvel at the beautiful architecture of Haifa's most diverse quarter

  • 45 minutes
  • 79 euro
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Tour Description

Currently one of the prime touristic and dining areas in Haifa, the German Colony (known also as Moshava Germanit in Hebrew) is a historic place in Israel’s third-largest city. The 19th-century German-styled houses with red-shingled roofs and biblical quotes above the doors are lined up next to the elegant buildings constructed by British colonists. Without doubt, Ben-Gurion Ave, a central place of the German Colony, offers a unique blend of three different cultures in the most unlikely place – on the Mediterranean shore. The German Colony was established back in 1868 by the German Templers, a Protestant sect from the South West of Germany. They had settled in the Holy Land to hasten the arrival of the Second Coming and, a few decades later, they built 7 colonies in different parts of Palestine. In fact, the settlers are believed to have introduced better methods of transport, agriculture and technology in the region. Even though Germans had several colonies in Palestine at that time, the first colony was established right in this quarter of Haifa. Yet, the history of the German settlers in this area came to an abrupt end with the beginning of the World War II. The British rulers interned most of the German Templers as enemy aliens and deported to Australia. Today, the German Quarter is a popular area among tourists, stuffed with boutiques, fancy shops and high-end restaurants. Join our guide to stroll down this fantastic avenue, discover the neighborhood’s impressive architecture, re-live the historic events that occurred in this place, and observe the area’s beauty from the Bahá'í Gardens.

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