• Kostiantyn Tsekov

Virtual Experiences as a New Form of Entertainment

Under the current circumstances, virtual experiences offer an opportunity of affordable and convenient entertainment that entails interaction with other people. It may be anything: a tour in a new city, or food cooking class, or a yoga session. So, if you want to hone a skill, learn something new or explore new places, this product is a great solution for your needs and wishes!

What Are Virtual Experiences?

Virtual experiences are tours, classes or other events led by our local guides through internet, and any customer can book a session and immerse oneself into that activity. Modern technology allows guides to interact with clients in a way that guarantees high-quality of the picture and the feeling of presence.

In simple words, virtual experiences allow you to learn playing a guitar with a musician from Mexico, learn cooking paella from a chef from Valencia, or get a glimpse of the history with a tour across Rome with a local guide. This is an amazing way of traveling, acquiring new skills or shopping in the new post-COVID reality.

So, a virtual experience represents a session between you and a host (i.e. a guide or a teacher), and no one else can join it. So, you get a tour or class that is personalized, tailored exactly for you. If you our local guide is conducting a tour across Oslo, you may ask him enter a shop you just noticed or tell more about a particular attraction.

Virtual experience sessions last between 30 and 90 minutes, but the majority of them is around 45-60 minutes long. While the guide shows his/her face and interacts with the customer, the customer’s face is hidden, which ensures the client’s privacy and provides comfort.

Each virtual experience offered on the website had already been carefully crafted, i.e. that it has a scheme or a plan. But that just means that that each experience will not have any gaps – every minute of the experience will be provided with meaningful interaction between you and the guide, so you will get the most of it. Despite that, our guides are good at adopting to the clients’ needs, i.e. they can skip parts that might be boring for a particular customer and add parts that the customer may find exciting.

How Virtual Experiences Differ From In-Person Tours?

Of course, virtual and in-person tours have qualities that make them quite dissimilar. The advantages of in-person tours are clear: you are actually visiting that specific place while being on a tour, and the guide is telling you information and stories about that place. But nowadays, the drawbacks of this type of tours are also clear: logistics (you can’t get an in-person city tour across Oslo if you can’t currently visit this city), price, time and privacy.

In terms of cost, the price of virtual experiences tends to be more competitive and, thus, more affordable. And, unlike in-person tours, virtual experiences don’t require you to spend a lot of time preparing for it – just get to your laptop on time and join the session!

Additionally, virtual experiences secure your privacy – the guide cannot see the customers’ faces. Besides, the price of a virtual experiences is counted per session, not per person, i.e. that you and your children may learn how to play a guitar during the same session.

Types of Virtual Experiences

Another advantage of virtual experiences is that there is a really huge variety of them! Regardless whether you want to learn cooking a special dish from overseas, go shopping to an exotic market, learn how to knit a sweater, learn a language, or explore a new city, there is a virtual experience that will definitely suit your needs and wishes!

Here, you can see the most common types of virtual experiences out there:

Cultural experiences. Regardless whether you want a tour across the Oslo city center or explore the works of Gustav Vigeland Sculpture Park, there are plenty of cultural and sightseeing experiences that you may like!

Outdoor experiences. If are a person with an active lifestyle, a virtual outdoor experience is something you might like. Such experiences include walking simple, quick trails, learning techniques of different outdoor sports, or visiting interesting zoos and famed beaches.

Food experiences. This type of experiences offers you to learn how to cook different authentic meals from all parts of the world or mix amazing cocktails and drinks. The most delicious type of experiences, for sure!

Skill & knowledge experiences. If you would like to acquire a skill of playing a guitar or enrich your Spanish, this is the type of a virtual experience you are looking for!

Wellness experiences. Looking for activities that may help you develop healthy habits? Virtual wellness experiences, such as yoga sessions or consulting a nutritionist, are something you might consider.

Shopping. Discovering new cities and visiting new places can be exciting, but shopping can be exciting even more! With the convenience and simplicity of shopping during the sessions of virtual experiences, you can be confident that such shopping will bring you nothing but pleasure and fun!

Event experiences. Do you want to see what happens behind the scenes of pop or sport events? Such virtual experiences offer a glimpse of what happens in a place that usually people don’t get to see and will compel you to look at your favorite events from a different angle.

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