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Learn About the Famed Nordic Warriors in the Viking Village (Virtual Experience)

Gudvangen is a small village that is, perhaps, known to anyone who has ever been to Norway – it is part of the fantastic Norway in a Nutshell journey. From Gudvangen, tourists usually embark on a picturesque, mind-blowing with its beauty cruise across Nærøyfjord, a UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site.

But Gudvangen offers another attraction that you will not find anywhere else in the world – Njardarheimr, or the Viking Valley. This is a place in which a team of enthusiasts decided to re-create how the Vikings lived. The name of the village literally means “home dedicated to Njord,” a northern God. Dozens of residents live in this village on a regular basis in the fashion the Vikings used to live here a millennium ago.

This is a truly captivating place where visitors can learn a lot of interesting things about the culture, customs and everyday life of the famed Nordic warriors. Of course, you can do it in a museum as well. But if you want to have a genuinely fascinating experience and be truly engaged in the process, there’s no better way to learn about the Vikings than in Njardarheimr.

Virtual Tour to the Viking Village

The pandemic has taken its toll on the tourism industry and the Viking Village at the time of writing this article was off-the-limits to the tourists. That’s why the creators of this place decided to take this experience further and make it accessible worldwide. With the help of our company, they created a virtual experience and now anyone, from any part of the world, can see this fantastic place either in a 1-to-1 session or during a scheduled virtual tour on Heygo.

As soon as the virtual tour starts, Karl welcomes you in a serene, wooden village, nestled between the deep fjord and imposing mountains. This picturesque scenery, however, does not distract you from the details Karl is telling about the everyday life of the Vikings.

The entire tour started simply about how the Viking Village is organized – just in the same way as another Viking settlement was organized many centuries ago. The authors of this place attempted to make it as authentic as possible, and you can easily notice that all the houses are made of wood. Karl on his part tells in detail about how the roofs were made and what techniques Vikings used to build such houses.

As the tour moves on, Karl strolls the streets of this peculiar village and meets some of its residents – each of them has a certain profession. While you get to hear interesting details about such professions and techniques the Vikings applied in the past, you might notice chickens and sheep appearing on the streets. With the help of another resident who brought some food for the cattle, Karl feeds the sheep and goes on.

At the end, Karl approaches a prototype of the famous Viking ship and narrates about how the Vikings hunted, fished, conquered and plundered other countries. He skillfully shows how the Nordic warriors used their weapons and tells certain secrets about the weapon making of the past. And, not surprisingly, these stories flow naturally and keep everyone engaged, greedily listening to the host.

A Few Things I Forgot to Mention…

This virtual tour is a truly fantastic product, if you want to learn interesting details about the Viking culture. Sometimes it seemed to me that the hosts know absolutely everything about how the Vikings lived, and their way of life is disclosed from all angles.

But, above all, what’s great about this tour is that every time the hosts present something new – some new stories, details, and objects from the Viking era. So, if you get easily bored in a museum yet you wish to find out more about the Viking culture, this tour is an amazing place to start from.

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