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5 Key Travel Trends in 2021

The COVID pandemic has completely shattered the entire travel industry. With the development and distribution of vaccines, we are currently seeing the industry’s revitalization, as more and more people become able to travel again.

However, many experts think that the travel industry has been changed altogether by the pandemic. In particular, ABTA, a travel association, has defined six travel trends in 2021. We, however, don’t agree with all of them, so we have come up with five key travel trends in 2021.

Trend #1: Sustainable Tourism

Sustainability in tourism was not a direct result of this pandemic, but the pandemic has rather pointed out its importance. Long before the pandemic (for instance, check out our travel trends for 2018), we predicted the importance of conscious, sustainable travel will only grow.

Nowadays, more and more customers tend to pay attention to the environmental footprint they leave with their vacations. Also, travelers tend to support local economies of their destination countries. Sustainability is a trend in travel that will live on for decades to come.

Trend #2: Bucket List Destinations

Travel trends in 2021
Are you ready to start checking points off your bucket list?

The pandemic has brought many people to the realization that the life is short and the best time for ticking their bucket lists is today. So, as the borders are getting open to tourism, many customers prepare their trips to the destinations of their dreams.

Basically, a far larger percentage of travelers tend to book travels that deliver unforgettable, memorable experiences, instead of the famous 3S formula (sun, shore, sea). One has to point out that it’s mostly the younger generation that starts ticking off their bucket lists – a dramatic difference with the picture of just a few years ago.

Trend #3: Longer Trips That Are Close to Home

More conservative people will choose to stay closer to their home countries yet have longer trips, instead of heading to their bucket-list destinations. Such an option allows the customers to explore countries next door, while having an option to return straight away if the things go south quickly.

Basically, it’s an homage to the segment of travel that has always been overlooked. Rarely travelers wanted to stay in the neighboring countries for long and usually used them as a transit to their destinations at maximum. Now, the situation has changed. It’s time to discover places next door.

Trend #4: Re-Visiting Favorite Places

The pandemic has awoken the feeling of nostalgia in many travelers. While being limited from travel for a prolonged period of time, many tourists are keen to return to the destinations they know and love. They already feel lucky to be able to go to the places they missed so much.

ABTA’s research confirms that. Only 32% of travelers said that they would visit a country they have never been to before. This means that a large share of travelers will come to the countries and places they have already visited – certainty is a feeling that is being missed very much nowadays, and re-visiting the same places is something that might bring it back. At least, temporarily.

Trend #5: Travel Packages Are on the Rise

There is no need to say that all the restrictions make life impossibly difficult for travelers. There are simply many more things to take care and to keep in mind, and that spoils the entire experience of travel.

However, travel packages – where a travel company takes care of everything – are something that is going to be on the rise. As ABTA reports, customers 20% likelier to use a professional travel agency to book their holidays. This is a trend that is definitely going to last at least the next several years.

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